Any type of accident should be reported to you (or the authority figure present) immediately. For minor injuries, a fully equipped first-aid kit should always be kept in the store and accessible to all. You and if possible, your staff should be familiar with basic first-aid techniques. If the injury is more serious call 911 immediately (then security) and stay with the injured party. Do not move an accident victim yourself- wait for qualified professionals. Remember to remain calm and think quickly but clearly. After any accident, you should make an accident report for your own records and within two days you should have sent off your report to Workers' Compensation if necessary (there is a penalty for late filing). A list of emergency phone numbers should be posted prominently by each telephone in your store.

In the event of fire, be sure all employees know the location of fire extinguishers and how to operate them in addition to the location of all fire exits in the building. If necessary call 911 and/or security. In this case as well, it is advisable to make a report for yourself recounting the details of the incident.

Should you or any member of your staff become the victim of a robbery or hold up of any kind it is best to comply with the demands of the assailant, be it cash or valuables of any sort. Do not attempt to be a hero. Try to keep calm and your head clear. Observe as much about the person(s) as possible. A detailed description can help the police enormously. When safe to do so, call the police or security.