I. All locations have different closing times. During the Christmas holidays, the existing store hours are often extended. At your discretion it may also be advisable to stay open an extra 15 minutes to service the last wave of customers on their way home.

II. After the store is officially closed and you have closed the entrance, you may finish washing the display case, remove any leftover baked goods, dispose of leftover coffee and check all your supplies for the next day.

III. That being done, you should go on to do your cash. Your float should be $150.00 and will consist of all the small coins and small bills (and extra change) that you should leave ready for the next day. Any overages or shortages of cash should be recorded on your daily sales report.

IV. After reconciling your cash, be sure you take note of how much of your baked product is leftover at the end of the day. By recording these amounts as well, you will be able to better and more accurately prepare your daily baking charts.

V. Depending on how you have arranged your staff, you should now proceed with the final steps of cleaning your store. Some locations actually have a staff member who is concerned exclusively with the closing and cleaning of the store, This can be a very efficient way of getting the closing accomplished quickly provided another staff member is there to concentrate solely on the needs of the customers.

VI. All garbage is to be removed each night. Keep in mind, however, what was covered in ‘operations'. If the store is not too busy you may find that you can gather and dispose of most of your garbage before closing, without interruption of store operation. In fact, at some locations it is imperative that you do dispose of garbage before closing as garbage and recycling areas in some malls close their doors before your store closes its doors.

VII. No garbage should be left over night. The floor should be swept and mopped, the utensils should be washed and sterilized. Assure yourself that you have all the supplies you need for the next day. You should have an ample supply of all your baking needs, coffee, tea, fridges stocked up with cold drinks, bags, napkins, cups etc..

VIII. When possible, two people should close the store and also leave together. Turn off the appropriate lights and leave on the neon sign. Be certain refrigeration/freezers are left on. When locking up the store make sure you have checked all entrances. If you are leaving with another employee, have them check to make sure everything is securely locked as well. You can't be too sure. If two people cannot close together, perhaps you can co-ordinate your day staff to be leaving just as your first night baker is arriving. This way your staff overlaps which is much safer. Set your store alarm if you have one.