Surely one of the most important aspects of your business is communication. Communication not only with your employees and customers but also with your Head Office. We enjoy a very open dialogue with all our franchisees and invite you to contact us with any questions and concerns.

Another important aspect of communication in our stores, in our society and most assuredly in the future is the advent of the Internet. The Internet creates a nearly level playing ground of communication to the planet . Never before has the world been so connected as today. For our young customers the Internet is a fact of life, for professionals - a necessary business tool - and for some it remains a mystery. In our stores, Internet access serves several functions:

I. A resource/entertainment for customers
II. Promotes perception of being in-touch and up-to-date
III. Reference tool for Franchisees with manuals posted to our private Intranet
IV. Additional communication option to Head Office via e-mail
V. Local and global promotion via our corporate web site which contains information regarding each location.