I. Once the majority of the morning rush has finished you can then reassess your situation. Fill all the coffee condiments up again. Fill up product in display case once again. If you will need more coin change order it from the bank now. This is also a good time to order from your suppliers. We recommend that ordering be done before 11:00 each day to ensure your delivery of stock for the next business day. If you miss the deadline you may have to wait an additional day for the delivery. Also have a look at your baked product. Did you already sell out of something? For example, at this point you would still have time to proof and bake more plain croissants for a last minute catering order.

II. Clean and stock up again for the lunch rush. Sweep floors, wash up tables, restock fridges, etc. and be certain that you are ready to continue business. The kitchen staff should have sandwich preparation materials assembled and in place, in addition to the salads being made, the soups cooked and everything properly displayed.

III. All staff breaks should be taken before or after the lunch time, with no exception. Be certain everyone is clear on their schedule. This will avoid unnecessary confusion or hurt feelings.

IV. After the morning rush and after the lunch rush are opportune times to count the cash. However, unpredictable cash doing habits are advised.

V. Following the lunch time you will have a chance to do your paperwork. This might include banking, review of sales reports, scheduling, payroll, inventory etc.. Perhaps you need to have a meeting with an employee or you're conducting interviews. Keep in mind however, that once you begin to do your office work you are no longer a reliable store employee and you should replace yourself. Never try to work out front and do paperwork. Both activities will wind up suffering.

VI. Towards the end of the day you may wish to sell off the last of the baked goods at a two for the price of one promotion. This is advisable as our establishment does not lend itself well to the sale of reduced price ‘day-old' merchandise. Clearing things out with the two for the price of one price also assures customers that the product they are getting each day is always fresh. Never deceive the customer.

VII. Before closing, your staff should start general clean-up of the store. Depending on the habits of your clientele, you may find that you can accomplish quite a lot of your closing work as much as an hour or more before the actual closing of the store. For example, you may find that at your location salads are not generally ordered after a certain time and that you can, in most cases, take apart and clean the salad display case well before the doors close. This may also be the case with your sandwich display. Whatever your stores dynamics, you can save a lot of time doing as much of your closing work before actually closing the store.

Having said that, however, coffee and baked products must remain on display right until close. There must be something for the customers to see and to purchase. Moreover, an employee must be visible and the serving the public right up until the doors are closed.