Every employee (including the manager/owner) reporting to work in the morning must wear his/her complete uniform. Their shift does not begin until they are dressed and ready (they are not paid to get changed). The dress uniform consist of three items: The Croissant Tree short or long sleeve shirt, a tie and a The Croissant Tree green apron. The more casual or summer version of the uniform consists of two items: a The Croissant Tree t-shirt and a The Croissant Tree apron. Your staff may only wear one version of the uniform or the other. Do not mix uniform styles.

Be certain each employee is looking their personal best. Customers do notice the grooming habits of your employees. Uniforms are the employers responsibility and they are an important extension of the company image. Long hair must be tidy and fastened up or tied back. Excessive jewellry, chipped nail polish, dirty hands, noticeable body odour, torn or dirty clothing, missing buttons, safety pins, wrinkly shirts, short-shorts, bicycle shorts, open-toed sandals, shoes worn without socks, are all part of a long list of unacceptable appearance criteria. Any employee who is not properly groomed should remedy the situation immediately or be sent home to correct the situation.