- to bake consistent superior quality croissants, muffins, danishes, turnovers and cookies
- capable of ordering all necessary baking ingredients (i.e. flour, sliced almonds etc.)
- keep work area, utensils, equipment, floor, clean and in proper working order
- inventory skills as may be required- packing and organization of wholesale orders
- initial morning setup in retail area for store opening
- initiative, common sense and pride in work

Sales Staff:

- to sell croissants, coffee, and all products/merchandise available
- to make customer feel appreciated and welcome
- to be informative and helpful with customers
- to support any store promotions
- operate cash register as instructed and with a sense of respect & responsibility
- special tasks if requested by a superior (i.e. order change from bank, go purchase band- aids etc.)
- keep counters, floor, condiment area, tables & chairs and all glass spotless
- placing of orders and simple inventory if so instructed
- keep all supplies stocked up

** Remember, your main duty is to SERVE our customers. If need be you should `drop everything' to serve them first & foremost. You can always return to whatever activity you were working on. During the day, a minimum of two people must be out front. NEVER leave the store unattended.


- all the above
- payroll, scheduling, bank deposits, customer statements, inventory, ordering, double checking of orders placed by your staff
- maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of store
- delegating responsibility
- maintaining good morale amongst staff
- reporting to head office
- responsible for setting the standard and example of what good work, leadership, and teamwork looks like