With use of the key ‘PGM' (which stands for programme mode) you are able to perform several management functions at your point-of-sale. In PGM mode you are able to print your X and Z reading reports and employee time cards. It is here where you enter voids and paid outs. Finally, you are able to enter your cash drawer over and cash drawer under figures while in this mode.

I. To begin a management function (enter programme mode) key in:

PGM (your password) PGM

In the `___' field, is where you key in your owner password. This should be kept secret. If you suspect it has become known, it is advisable to create a new password. Your initial password is noted on the last page of this manual.

II. To exit your management functions (exit programme mode) key in:
Pres the `CLR' key to clear the programme mode. To enter PGM mode again you must start the first sequence again.

A paid out is recorded usually when you close a cash and accounts for any money removed from the cash drawer which would otherwise not be recorded (i.e. a fridge repairman that you had to pay in cash, band-aids etc.). Always keep receipts from whatever your paid out expenses are. You will then be able to later compare or verify them with your X or Z readings.

To make a `paid out', enter the PGM mode, then key in:
PAID OUT (dollar value) CASH
Press PAID OUT. The (____) indicates the dollar value of the paid out which you enter here. Then press CASH. The paid out is then automatically printed on the printer.

When an employee makes an error or a customer changes their mind after a sale has been cashed out, it is necessary to make a void. The employee should retain the receipt from this transaction (perhaps mark it void and sign their name on it) and leave it for the manager to void it when they are closing the cash. It is important to have the actual receipt so you can call up the sale by its actual transaction number (which appears on all receipts). Voids MUST be done before doing the Z reading.

To make a void, enter the PGM mode, then key in:

VOID (transaction) VOID

The under or over function is used after you have printed your Z reading and counted your cash. The amount under or over your cash float amount must be recorded. This keeps your cash balanced and may also alert you to any unusual occurrences.

To enter an over or under amount, enter the PGM mode and key in:

UNDER (dollar value) UNDER or OVER (dollar value) OVER

Please note that you may also press CASH instead of pressing UNDER/OVER a second time. It is not necessary to enter the dollar value as negative if the cash is under, as the register assumes this the moment you press the UNDER key.

The X Reading function is used when you want to take a reading of sales information entered since the last resetting. You can take this reading any number of times, it does not affect the register totals.

To do an X Reading, enter the PGM mode and key in:
After doing this your X Read report will automatically print.

The Z Reading/Resetting function prints not only all the sales information (similar to the X reading) but also clears and resets the register totals. For this reason a Z reading is used whenever you "do/close a cash".

To do a Z Reading, enter the PGM mode and key in:
After following these steps your Z Reading will print automatically.