I. Baking Equipment

In some locations baking is done on the premises. In order to provide a fresh supply of baked goods and an irresistible aroma to the customer there is a complete baking facility. This includes a proofer, a double deck oven, a large mixer, a walk-in freezer and a walk-in refrigerator. The safe and effective use of all the above equipment will be carefully explained to you throughout the training programme.

II. Display Cases

There are generally two types of display cases used in our operation - refrigerated and dry. It is essential that your refrigerated display case be kept maintained (regular cleaning of compressor etc.) The dry display will require less maintenance. Display case lights must always be promptly replaced if burnt out.

III. Point-of -Sale (POS)

The cash register is a programmed machine where most of the prices are pre-set. It is very easy to operate. On the keyboard, you will find pre-set prices and keys set up for each individual item such as small coffee or chocolate croissant. Presently, GST where applicable is not included in our menu prices and is added at the register automatically (after the subtotal). There are specific keys for specials and for percentage discounts. It will take only a brief period of using the cash register to become familiar with all the key positions and to feel confident.

IV. Miscellaneous

Additional equipment includes items such as as the cappuccino/espresso machine, regular coffee machines, coffee grinders, meat slicer, scale, small fridges, dishwasher and bagel toaster. Equipment may vary somewhat in different locations and may also include more specialized items such as a waffle maker, crÍpe maker or frozen yogurt machine. If you require more detailed information regarding any of your equipment, please consult the manufacturer's handbook.