The first week will be spent in a designated, The Croissant Tree store, where you will learn essentials in store operation. You will be involved in serving customers thereby familiarizing yourself with on-going procedures. This allows you the time and opportunity to become acquainted with the cash register, the different types of croissants, muffins, danishes etc., how to operate the cappuccino machine, how to display product, how to serve, understanding the clientele and so on.

Within a few days you will move on to the back preparation area, where you will learn about proofing, baking, salad, soup and sandwich preparations. You will have the chance to examine everything very closely and participate in all stages of product preparation. Questions are encouraged and you should feel free to take notes. All the necessary recipes are provided with the training manual. They are easy to follow and all instructions are included.

In the second week, once you've had the chance to carefully observe the store and become more comfortable with The Croissant Tree Franchise method of operation, we will proceed with teaching you how to operate your own successful store.