"The customer is always right." This tried and true expression is still the best. Customers should be greeted with a smile and always treated politely. It is advisable to acknowledge the customer by saying: "Good morning./Good afternoon./ are you?/Have you been looked after?/Have you been served?/May I help you?". Never greet a customer with, "What do you want?" or stand and stare at a customer without offering any assistance. If you are very busy, you can still take a moment to address them by saying, "I'll be right with you."

Some Do's and Do Nots:

-Do not use the telephone for private calls (particularly in front of customers).
-Do not read newspapers, magazines, books or homework in the store.
-Do not eat your lunch in the front of the store.
-Do not smoke in the store before, during or after hours.
-Do not brush/comb your hair, apply make-up, perfume or nail polish, blow your nose anywhere in the store except in the employee washroom.
-Do not bring your friends inside the back of the store and only in at all if they are paying customers.
-Do not be late for your shift.
-Do not handle food with your bare hands (particularly if you have handled money).
-Do not stand with your arms crossed or your hands in your pockets.
-Do not lean on the counters or chew gum.
-Do not exclude customers from your jokes.

-Please do serve customers.
-Please do clean the store.
-Please do take the garbage out.
-Please do get the deposit bag and change.
-Please do wonderful baking.
-Please do order supplies.
-Please do wear your uniform properly & completely.
-Please do try to help each other.